Hilary (hek) wrote,

Friends should equal help!

I am currently at school waiting to go back to my dreaded french class. It isnt that bad today we're doing oral presentations. I really don;t want to do my oral presentation! Evryone in my class seems to be is Administtion and smart difficult classes, like social workers and real life people. then there's me! "Hi, my orals on Improv, Im in theater, yes , I know I have no career, would you like to give me money?" And they all know how to use power point! I don't hell all I know is how to use the assatate thingy, and even then I need help making an assitate and I dont have an assitate or the markers for it , or anything. I suck.

Last night I thought I lost my script, called Keith almost crying. then I got home and thought that I lost my wallet, started to cry, and cry , then Keith found it, but I kept on crying. Geeze, Im turning into such a baby these days.

In other news, rehersals are going good. You ALL need to see this show. No excuses. I have to say that in general I am very dissapointed with my so called friends. None of you have come to support me. yes there are eceptions. keith seen everything, then again he had to or Id kill him. Ronan and Jon caught ONE show out of the four this year. Anne came to the most , toher then Keith. And the rest of you SUCK. you should be asshamed of yourselves. you know even when I offered to get you in for free , there was laways something holding you back. Well whne you need me to support you, I try my best to be there. Now I need you, so come support us damnit. More importantly support meeee... I cant do any of this without the help of my friends.
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