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"Quite your job Hilary, it will do you some good, you'll find another,we'll all help".

BULL, bull is what I say. I now find myself jobless and worried. I left a good job, where I knew people where people looked foward to seeing me , where I am missed. Fopr what? Nothing, a rejection because I'm in school. A good paying job because, I am in school full time. The best part of this all is that Im currently the one supporting Keith, and he has a job. He has parents who are paying for his education. I had to go to court to get tuition out of my dad, and now I'm paying for everything, without a job.

I shouldn't be worried I mean, I 'll be fine for Januairy without any more income. I wont be able to do anything, or go any where, or have any fun, but I'll mannage. See what Keith doesnt always get is that even though I have money now, I wont later. He always has his parents if he's really stuck. Me, I dont have that option. Not because my mother wouldnt want to be able to provide for me , its that she cant.

And people owe me money! Lots of people owe me money! Please remember that you owe me money and give me this money. Money means that I can buy things, like food and food is what I need. More importantly I need a job.

I just dont know what to do with myself..... I put all my eggs in one basket and am jow left with nothing.
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