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Arg...want to forget about the day....

Who knew that trying to get unemployment benefits would be sooooo hard. I applyed online and it took 2 hours, and then at the end of it all it tells me that my request cannot be looked at untill I hand in my Record of Employment paper. Im sorry but why did I just spend 2 hours doing this, if you still wont look at me. And trying to talk to a human being on the phoe is exhausing. They dont know what your eligeable for or why your calling and one number just leads to another that leads to another touch tome service that wont let you talk to a person, and this goes on and on and on.

Arg... Im a little ticked at the moment. And I have a mullet, dont listen to Keith, if I dont put crazy amounts of hair crap in my hair , i have a blast from the past kinda hair do. Its called a MULLET. My mother on the other hand says that she cut it, being inspired from the 80's. I still dont like how my hair looks, but Im learning to deal with it.

There are days where I would like to be able to cral in to bed and not have to worry about things. Or to be able to wake up in the morning and say "Geeezzz, I feel beautiful today..." instead of" Ahhhhh... what the hell are those, and why is my face red , and why do I have a mullet, and why, and why, and why am I so funny looking?" I guess today will be an ugly day. Its on;y fitiing today I have math class and today I tryed to go on welfare. Today I am ugly.

I want to have people over for dinner, like real ppl, not Jon, not that you jon are not a real person, you're just really far away and I want to make someone dinner. If anyone's up for dinner, I guess let me know.

Oh yeah and its so ******* nice to be refered to as a "Recreational activity". Doesnt it make you feel cheap. I dont expect anyone to get that, its mostly just me venting.

Arg... back to bed where I can forget about the day....
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