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So its official Im going to have my tonsils removed. After 7 years of bull shit and politics and being sick and junk.... they are coming out.

And all I want to do is crawl into a little hole and not do it. Did you know that they're going to have to intubate me. This had never crossed my mind before. I just thought "Great take them out"... I never thought how they were going to do this and what was entailed.

They will put me under, they will burn away at my throat, they can possibly chip my tooth or purmanetly burn/scar my lip. Potential side effects, I could bleed to death. No seriously. There is a recovery time of 10 days during which I could statr to bleed and would need to go back asap. No physical activity. Heavy, heavy liquid pain killers. Some people find it hurts too much to drink water and become dehydreted and need to be put on an IV drip. Not to mention that you dont eat anything for like 3 days... Im part time at work so Im not going to be paid for my abscence.

Yup, never really thought of the consequences... Yet this is also the girl who got married so that stupid-o could still see his family, and look at how well that turned out.
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